Lumini ONE Spectrometric Camera

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USB Spectrometric camera. Ultrafast. Rugged. Multiplatform software, which will remain always free. Main applications are in light monitoring, chemical kinetics spectrometry or laser measurement. Spectrometer, radiometer, colorimeter fully programmable.

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Measurement Capability: Irradiance, RGB, CMYK*, X*,Y* Color Temperature (CCT CIE 17.4-1987)*, Color Rendering Index CRI*, CQS*, CIE1931*, CIE1976*, C78.377-2008*, IEC-SDCM Spectrum Diagram* λp*, λD* Normalised Difference Vegetation Index – NDVI*

Wavelength Range: 330~890 nm

Optical Resolution: <8 nm

Wavelength Accuracy: <1 nm

Integration Time: <0.15ms~6s

Relative Intensity Level Resolution: 65536 by 16bit A/D converter

Interface with Smartphones: Bluetooth 4.0, iOS, Android compatible (minimum order quanitites apply)

Built-in light sources: 4 light sources from 340 to >1000 nm

Power: USB 2.0

Data I/O: USER GPIO, microSD card or USB2.0

Dimensions LxWxH: 185 L x 24 W x 22 H mm

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