Lumini TWO Spectrometer

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Portable spectrometer and ultraportable spectrometric camera platform. With just 160g weight with stainless steel enclosure, it can be used on drones, airplanes, stratospheric balloons. Main applications are in spectrometer, spectroradiometer and spectrophotometer for optical, lighting and environmental industry.

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Measurement Capability: Irradiance, RGB, CMYK*, X*,Y* Color Temperature (CCT CIE 17.4-1987)*, Color Rendering Index CRI*, CQS*, CIE1931*, CIE1976*, C78.377-2008*, IEC-SDCM Spectrum Diagram* λp*, λD* Normalised Difference Vegetation Index – NDVI*

Wavelength Range: 330 ~ 890 nm

Optical Resolution: < 8 nm

Wavelength Accuracy: < 1 nm

Integration Time: < 0.15ms ~ 6s

Relative Intensity Level Resolution: 65536 by 16bit A/D converter

Interface with Smartphones: Bluetooth 4.0, iOS, Android compatible (minimum order quanitites apply)

Built-in light sources: 4 light sources from 340 to > 1000 nm

Power: Built-in Li-Ion battery, 400 – 450mAh, or USB 2.0

Data I/O: USER GPIO, microSD card or USB2.0

Dimensions LxWxH: 185 L x 24 W x 22 H mm

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Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm


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