• Spectruino THREE Spectrometer

    369.00 418.00  excl. VAT
    Spectruino is the first open source, Arduino based spectrometer. Third generation is the lightest yet, built from Aluminum frame and EPDM light foam, it can withstand the extremes of Stratospheric missions, or the comfort of your home or robotic class. It measures sunlight, albedo, LEDs, lasers and has even been used for Raman spectrometer construction. Attention: Spectruino 3 does not include calibration! Calibration for wavelength is optional and sold separately, as some customers prefer just pixel readings!
  • Lumini One Lumini one spectrometer

    Lumini ONE Spectrometric Camera

    1 299.00  excl. VAT
    USB Spectrometric camera. Ultrafast. Rugged. Multiplatform software, which will remain always free. Main applications are in light monitoring, chemical kinetics spectrometry or laser measurement. Spectrometer, radiometer, colorimeter fully programmable.
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    Lumini two size Lumini two spectrometer

    Lumini TWO Spectrometer

    1 599.00  excl. VAT
    Portable spectrometer and ultraportable spectrometric camera platform. With just 160g weight with stainless steel enclosure, it can be used on drones, airplanes, stratospheric balloons. Main applications are in spectrometer, spectroradiometer and spectrophotometer for optical, lighting and environmental industry.