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Meet Spectruino – the first open source spectrometer in the world

Myspectral is the creator of the first open source spectrometer in the world – Spectruino. Spectruino is widely used across the globe by researchers, spectrometry enthusiasts, makers and professionals in various industries, such as food industry, optical metrology systems and even the space and stratospheric missions. Spectruino is portable and ultralight spectrometer. You can purchase uncalibrated or calibrated device.

In 2014 Spectruino was launched from the International Space Station onboard of two Ardusat cubeseats. Spectruino is based on Arduino and built from Aluminum frame and EPDM light foam. Due to durable construction Spectruino can withstand the extremes of Stratospheric missions.

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myspectral mySight 3 Software for Spectrometry

Works with all Spectruino devices. Please start by reading the “Spectruino Installation and Getting Started Guide” available on GitLab. Download the software from the following locations:

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.

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