Spectruino arduino spectrophotometer

Analyze sunshine, lasers, LEDs or even aquarium lamps.

Spectruino is an awesome USB spectrophotometer for UV/VIS/IR spectrum with Arduino!

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The most affordable spectrophotometer. Ever.

Get first class scientific publication quality spectrum as PNG, PDF or CSV. Alter the code to suit your application. Triggering events when algae in your pool appear? Getting time resoluted spectra of chemical reactions? Identifying light sources? Anything is possible.

Opensource spectrometer. Now in space.

Build your own DIY opensource spectrometer. Download CAD, PCB and software sources, all for free! Now you too can launch your own satellite into space, measuring sun or earth spectra! Or save your precious time and order your own, pre-built, calibrated, rugged device.


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Spectruino, spectrophotometer for indoors, outdoors and space exploration!

Need quick artistic installation reacting to UV or NIR wavelengths?
Calibrating lasers, but don't have the means?
Scientific experiments with constraints?

Meet Spectruino, the first opensource spectrometer in the world. Unlike cheap toys, Spectruino is made of army-grade stainless steel and aluminum, built to last for generations.
Finally you can travel outdoors to monitor environment with trully portable spectrometer, or stay in your lab to calibrate colors, or live your dream and experiment in space!


Light source recognition & analysis

Arduino Nano Spectrum Shield can measure light source intensity and emission spectra of:

Laser diodes
Fluorescent lightbulbs
Gas discharge tubes
Fish tank light tubes


Solar spectrum, activity and intensity analysis

Meteorological measurements of sun spectrum change depending on current atmospheric conditions. Discover the relationships between hydrometeorological conditions and solar spectrum shape and intensity.


Science class experimentation

A simple, affordable spectrophotometer is the ideal choice for experimentation in optical physics, electronics, chemistry or hydrometeorology. You can explain the basics of light waves, continue with more advanced diffraction and detail the optical signal acquisition and processing with hands-on demonstrations!

Our easy to use software, which is provided free of charge can be setup within seconds, works on Windows, Linux and Mac, and delivers publication quality graphics to include in your reports.

For teachers and parents we also prepare a textbook with safe experiments on spectroscopy, spectrophotometry in physics and chemistry.


Arduino CCD shield inside.

For the geek in you, have you ever wished Arduino could process light? Spectruino can do! We have designed a CCD shield for Arduino Nano, compatible with Atmel AT328P and AT168 processors. We use only a few pins, so you can build and steer your space exploration robotic applications with ease.



Open Hardware

Technical drawings, printed circuit board (PCB) designs, parts list of Arduino spectrophotometer.

Build your DIY Spectruino spectrophotometer now!

Opensource Arduino Spectrometer.

Learn & play. Spectruino provides the chance to do hands-on experiments from optics, physics, chemistry and biology!

Free software.

Please follow the installation instructions for Spectruino and mySight software here.


Spectruino is an Arduino Spectrometer to measure light intensity vs. wavelength. Internally, this is achieved through a combination of diffraction grating with linear CCD camera and custom firmware.

All technical specifications are preliminary and may change without further notice.

Technical Specifications


101 x 65 x 27 mm (height x length x width)* preliminary, may change

Optical Sensor:

linear CCD, 2000 pixels

Measured wavelength:

380 nm — 750 nm (approximate values, each device must be calibrated for precise values)

Number of pixels to measure:

500, (1 — 2000 pixels, selectable by software settings)

Optical Resolution:

9 nm, estimated from red laser measurement @650 nm, >8 nm theoretical with 100 μm slit

PC Connection:

RS232 to USB 2.0 and USB 1.0

Transfer speed:

115 200 baud, 14.4 kB/s

Exposition time:

1/1000 s — 10 s, setting in software

Max. refresh frequency:

28.125 Hz (frames per second) at 512 pixels resolution (8 nm theoretical resolution)
7.2 Hz (frames per second) at 2000 pixels resolution (2 nm theoretical resolution)
Refresh frequency depends on the exposition time, i.e. the intensity of light source

Dynamic range:


Relative Intensity Level Resolution:

256 by 8bit A/D converter


holographic, 1300 lines/mm

Slit width:

100 μm

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Our mission

We are a non-profit organization supporting scientific education in highschool K12 and university education. Our goal is to make hands on research available for everyone, similarly to the efforts of One Laptop Per Child.

Help us achieve this goal!


August 2016 We are preparing a new product and new software. Spectruino DIY Kits available. New website coming soon.

August 2015 Spectruino was shipped to all continents on earth, including Antarctica! We thank our supporters for their enthusiasim and reports from their applications.

August 2013 Spectruino is flying to space! On August 4th, team myspectral and nanosatisfi joined forces to build a cubesat, which is being delivered to International Space Station on board KOUNOTORI4. HTV4 has been launched on Kounotori4, carrying the cubesat, where Spectruino plays a major role in measuring the earth and sun spectra. The launch was at 4:48am (JST) on August 4th, 2013.

Watch NASA TV for live stream of HTV4 docking to ISS on August 9th, 5:00am Central Time. Details at NASA press release.

September 2012 Spectruino Beta Spectrophotometer is going to be launched into near space for a test flight with Team Nanosatisfi and their ArduSat. The NSE-14 Mission (Near Space Expedition 14) by Team Prometheus is up coming mission to launch the Ardusat for nearspace testing. Watch the NSE-14 Mission live on 22nd September!

June 2012 Myspectral is launching a new Spectrophotometer.


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