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Spectrometry of light sources, lasers, environment

  • Radiometer – Measure irradiance of light sources, LEDs, lasers, sun, Internet of Things Sensor for Sunlight, public lightning.

  • Spectrometer – Measure reflected spectrum from four spectrally balanced lights being reflected from surfaces. IoT NDVI index, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, whiteness of papers, walls, chemical and environmental agents, and more.

  • Spectrophotometer – Measure light passing through a cuvette containing liquids of various colors. With spectrometric camera mode, you can even observe kinetics of reactions, measure adding of concentrates to beverages online, or measure turbidity and fluorescence of liquids, algae, phytoplankton.

  • Programmable – Spectrometer, spectroradiometer with Arduino and microbit.

Spectrometer myspectral lumini


Myspectral Lumini Applications

We design, create and re-create products to the last through the harshest environments on Earth and beyond. Reliable, portable, handcrafted. So you can concentrate on data, analysis, and results. Our spectrometers are designed for use in various industries, such as optical metrology, food industry, and chemical manufacturing. Color density, absorbance, optical density or quality and freshness of food products are measured with the great precision.

Our first spectrometer, Arduino based Spectruino, made it to the lower orbit in 2014 when it was launched from International Space Station. Our spectrometers are currently used across all continents, including harsh conditions of Antarctica. We’re on a mission to improve various industries across the globe using data from our portable spectrometers.


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