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Spectrometry of light sources, lasers, environment

Radiometer: Measure irradiance of light sources, LEDs, lasers, sun, Internet of Things Sensor for Sunlight, public lightning

Spectrometer: measure reflected spectrum from four spectrally balanced lights being reflected from surfaces. IoT NDVI index, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, whiteness of papers, walls, chemical and environmental agents, and more...

Spectrophotometer: measure light passing through a cuvette containing liquids of various colors. With spectrometric camera mode, you can even observe kinetics of reactions, measure adding of concentrates to beverages online, or measure turbidity and fluorescence of liquids, algae, phytoplankton.

Programmable: spectrometer, spectroradiometer with Arduino and microbit.


We design, create and re-create products to last through the harshest environments on earth and beyond. Reliable, portable, handcrafted. So you can concentrate on data, analysis and results. We created the first open source spectrometer with Arduino.
Portable arduino spectrophotometer radiometer Myspectral Lumini one

Lumini ONE

USB Spectrometric camera. Ultrafast. Rugged. Multiplatform software, which will remain always free. Main applications are in light monitoring, chemical kinetics spectrometry or laser measurement. Spectrometer, radiometer, colorimeter fully programmable.

Portable arduino spectrometer radiometer Lumini TWO

Lumini TWO

Portable spectrometer and ultraportable spectrometric camera platform. With just 160g weight with stainless steel enclosure, it can be used on drones, airplanes, stratospheric balloons. Main applications are in spectrometer, spectroradiometer and spectrophotometer for optical, lighting and environmental industry.

Portable arduino spectrometer light CCD Spectruino 3 myspectral

Spectruino THREE

Spectruino is the first open source, Arduino based spectrometer. Third generation is the lightest yet, built from Aluminum frame and EPDM light foam, it can withstand the extremes of Stratospheric missions, or the comfort of your home or robotic class. It measures sunlight, albedo, LEDs, lasers and has even been used for Raman spectrometer construction.

Portable ODM OEM spectrometer Lumini

Custom ODM Spectrometers

We offer ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) for Spectrometers, Spectroradiometers, Spectrophotometers and Spectrometric cameras. We license the source codes under Creative Commons. The application is running on all operating systems. We offer unprecendented quality of manufacture, warranty, serviceability and well-crafted instruments.

Trusted by curious minds all over the globe

Myspectral delivers to all continents. And to lower orbit. Our team delivers.

Technical Information

Lumini and Spectruino are Spectrometers to measure light intensity vs. wavelength. Internally, this is achieved through a combination of diffraction grating with linear CCD camera and custom firmware.

All technical specifications are preliminary and may change without further notice.

Lumini ARM spectrometer spectrometric camera programmable
Lumini TWO spectrometer.

Spectruino Arduino Spectrometer linear CCD camera
Spectruino 3 spectrometer.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications, subject to change *) Minimum order quantities apply for certain features
Technical Specifications Spectruino Lumini ONE Lumini TWO
Measurement Capability Irradiance, Spectrum Diagram λp*, λD* Normalised Difference Vegetation Index - NDVI* Irradiance, RGB, CMYK*, X*,Y* Color Temperature (CCT CIE 17.4-1987)*, Color Rendering Index CRI*, CQS*, CIE1931*, CIE1976*, C78.377-2008*, IEC-SDCM Spectrum Diagram* λp*, λD* Normalised Difference Vegetation Index - NDVI*
Wavelength Range 400~760 nm 330~890 nm
Optical Resolution <10 nm, estimated from red laser measurement @650 nm, >8 nm theoretical with 100 μm slit <8nm
Wavelength Accuracy <4nm <1nm
Integration Time <10ms~60s 0.15ms~6s
Relative Intensity Level Resolution 256 by 8bit A/D converter 65536 by 16bit A/D converter
Interface with Smartphones NONE Bluetooth 4.0, iOS, Android compatible (minimum order quanitites apply)
Built-in light sources NONE 4 light sources from 340 to >1000 nm
Power USB 2.0 USB 2.0 Built-in Li-Ion battery, 400-450mAh, or USB 2.0
Data I/O USB2.0 USER GPIO, microSD card or USB2.0
Dimensions LxWxH 65 L x 26 W x 102 H mm 185 L x 24 W x 22 H mm


Our software is free and always provided with complete source code.

Lumini Spectrometer Application

Step 1: Download the software
Step 2: Plug-in the Spectrometer
Step 3: Aim at light source and observe the spectra

Multiplatform spectrometry software for Mac OS X, Windows 7,8,10 and Linux.

Server - client architecture.

Plug-in to server, control your experiment remotely.

Free updates.

Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Zero, Beaglebone, BBC microbit.

Currently the app is in closed beta testing for customers only.
We provide download link to customers after purchase.

Spectruino Software

Spectruino software was written in Processing.
Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
You can download and test in simulation mode.
All sources are included.
Creative Commons license terms apply.
We would love to hear about your application and what you do with spectrometry.

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Spectruino is a portable USB spectrophotometer for UV/VIS/IR spectrum with Arduino! Feel free to connect with us and receive special pricing, discounts and bonuses.

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